Steven Yao

A showcase of my projects and endeavors.

February 13, 2021


NoFall is the all-in-one solution for remote caregiving for the elderly, with smart ambient activity monitoring, proactive risk assessments, fall detection, and mobile alerts.
Submitted to TreeHacks 2021, Stanford's annual hackathon with over 1600 participants from around the globe.
Prizes Won:

[TreeHacks] Most Technically Complex
[Google Cloud] First Place Best Use of Google Cloud
[Citadel] Most Impressive Hack

December 28, 2020


GrassrootsGov aims to inspire political change starting from the grassroots level. Create an account with us to easily and seamlessly nudge your legislators to solve local issues.

August 3, 2020

WordHunt Solver

A simple and beautiful web app built with a React frontend and a Django backend. Implemented a Trie data structure to efficiently check through the english dictionary for possible word combinations. Used Computer Vision and character recognition to allow direct wordhunt solves through images.
Has over 10k Page Views per month and over 1600 users per month.

July 22, 2020


A web service that receives the live feed of an IP camera and is able to track the number of people in a building. Built during COVID reopening phase to assist my local gym track their number of occupants.